Who Can Take Class?  Any one registered in Into Class up to Level E AND Adults too.
Class Meets   Thursdays
Time 6:30-7:30pm (1 hours)
  • We will be offering a new class of study next year for dancers called “Crossroads Academy”. 
  • Dancers who are looking to learn more about Irish culture and history as it pertains to Irish dance as well as, want to challenge their and increase their dancing skills should consider adding this class to their journey.
  • We will break up the year into different session’s blocks where we will have specific focus in Irish dance. 
  • Class will include fun team projects/activities, videos, learning more about different history aspects of Irish dance (costumes, dancing masters, where structure came from, ceili’s), Celtic legends and Much More!
  • We will also use this class to help dancers improve in dancing skills so they will be running steps learned in class, doing drills/exercises AND even performance and theater skills enhancement through musical theater games/activities.
This is great opportunity for dancers to learn about the who, what, when and whys of Irish dance and gaining a better perspective and education that will increase their love for Irish dance.

Class Attire
  • Same attire as what you would wear to your weekly class level

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