Do You Have Irish Dance Experience?

We offer classes for dancers new to Crossroads who has previous training in Irish dance at other studios. We provide a balanced, streamlined curriculum that puts the focus on providing structure and consistency for placing students in a level that compliments their talent and skills in order to help them succeed.

Dancers jump onboard the Crossroads journey as we offer 6 levels of training. Dancers move through the 4 provinces of Ireland with our Crossroads Passbook achieving milestones in both dancing and Irish culture.  

It our balance approach of weekly classes, competition, performance dancing and team dancing that has led us to our greatest success on and off the dance floor. The opportunities here for a dancer are unmatched and priceless.

Traditional School Vs. Performance School

  • We pride ourselves in offering a balance approach to both traditional Irish dance as well as, performance style dancing. 
  • Each Irish schools or studios offering Irish instruction has their own respective focus which may consist of traditional Irish instruction, competitive or more performance style where students learn a series of movements and steps put into a group dance. 
  • Crossroads takes the best of both worlds and offers Irish dance education at all levels where dancers learn proper Irish dance skills, technique and traditional steps, competition, cultural including history and Gaelic speaking AND performance/team dancing. 
 Which Class is Best For My Dancer?
  • We understand that other studio's Irish program offer a unique curriculum, so we will find the Crossroads class that best fits the dancers. 
  • We offer a 6 level class curriculum to allow dancer's to master necessary skills as they go on their Crossroads journey. 
  • Our classes focus on form, rhythm and style, so that all dancers are confident. 
  • Our priority in student placement is where they best fit technically and based on our school's curriculum, which may differ from age and/or years of experience. 
  • Class levels are defined by dancer's ability to perform requisite skills appropriate to level, NOT by a dancer's age or number of years of experience. 
All new dancers coming from another Irish program will be evaluated for proper placement in on of our classes. We typically recommend attending a class to either observe or participate.

You can email us at to set up a date/time and receive more info.

 Community Performance Opportunities
  • All dancers in the school have the opportunity to participate in various community performances throughout the year. 
  • This is excellent opportunity for dancers to apply what they have learned in class, dress in costume, enjoy the festivities AND build team comradery with other dancers in the school.  
  • We perform in a variety events throughout the year including Midlothian Day Parade, Richmond Christmas Parade, Patty Palooza, Churchill Irish Festival and more. 
 Spring Showcase Performance

  • At the end of the dance year we produce a Spring Showcase, which is wonderful, high energy event that concludes our dance year. 
  • Dancers are give the opportunity showcase all they have learned to their family and friends. 
  • Each year we perform a musical production as part of Act 2 of our show. This gives are dancers the opportunity to not only display their Irish dance skills, but also be a character and do a little acting. 
  • Some of our past productions have included: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. 
 Irish Dance Competitions
  • As members of the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA), dancers have the opportunity to participate in Irish dance competitions or Feis. 
  • This is completely optional and dancers can start at anytime in their dance journey. 
  • Some dancers thorough enjoy the competitive nature of dance and this gives them a great forum to apply skills and steps they have learned in class in front of an adjudicator.  It is also an opportunity to meet other Irish dancers from all over the U.S and even the world. 
  • Learn more about Competitions in Irish Dance HERE
 Class Registration Options
 Full Year Program
  • Our full year classes start in September and is based on a 34 week dance year to include finale performance in our Spring Showcase. 
  • Dancers who register for a full year get the opportunity to participate in other programs of our school including; community performances, competitions and Spring Showcase.
Summer Programs
  • We offer summer classes starting in June that run for 8 weeks. 
  • Dancers have the option to register for 4, 6, 8 weeks worth of classes.  
  • Our Summer program consists of weekly classes as well as, Guest Teacher classes with professional Irish dancers currently working in shows.
Class Tuition

  • Our tuition is based on a 34 week dance year (not monthly). We offer multiple payment options for families budgets. Payments can be taken via check, credit card or bank draft.
  • Our tuition is priced based on the length of classes as our classes range from 45 mins to 90 minutes. 
  • Family Friendly tuition tier is based on the # of hours a family is registered. We have many families who have multiple siblings or 1 dancer taking multiple classes, so this tuition tier offers a cost effective option without breaking the bank for dance classes.
  • Discounts- We have discounts built into our tuition tier starting at 2 hours or more as well as, for families with additional siblings.
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