Crossroads Open Feis

Please be aware that times/schedule may vary the day of the feis.
It is possible we may run early or later than times listed below. 

NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in the auditorium per venue guidelines.
Outside the auditorium is ok

Check in times is set for 30 minutes prior to group starting. 

 Beginners 8:45am 
Primary  9:45am
Figures/Treblin Showcase  11:15am
 Intermediate 12:30pm
 Open 2:00pm 
 Premilin/Champs  3:30pm

Dancers will check in with Side Stage Manager so they can be 
marked off as being in attendance.

Dancers NEED to be in attendance and ready to 
dance at  call time to line up for their group. 

PER WIDA RULES: Dancers who arrive at the stage 
late will not be allowed to dance. 

 Competition/Awards Start Times
A  detailed schedule with age groups and order 
will be provided the day of feis in dancers packets.
Beginner Competition  9:15am 
Beginner Premiership Awards   10:15am 
Primary Competition 10:30am
Primary Premiership Awards 11:30am 
Figures & Treblin Showcase  11:45am
** BREAK**
 Figures & Treblin Showcase Awards  12:45pm
Intermediate Competition/Modern Set Showcase
Intermediate Premiership & Modern Set Showcase Awards  2:15pm
Open Competition  2:30pm
 Premlin/Open Champs
 Preliminary/ Open Champ Awards 4:00pm

All solo competition scores will be posted a the event. 

Premiership/Figures/Treblin Showcase Modern Set Showcase
and Championship awards will be presented on stage.

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