Class Meets   Wednesday Nights
Time  6:45-8:15pm (1hr 30 mins)

  • Level C dancers are in Province 3-"Munster" of the Crossroads Journey
  • Dancers in Level C now move into the upper level journey of our program. Dancers will begin to learn more complicated and advance steps to include introducing slow treble jig and hornpipe.
  • Dancers at this level will begin to focus more on their strength and fitness training and drills in order to prepare for learning proper technique and execution of complex jumps and tricks.
  • Steps Will Include: Reel, Light Jig, Slip Jig, Treble Jig (Beg-slow), Hornpipe (Beg-slow), Jockey to Fair, Blackbird
  • Class overlaps for 45 mins with Level B for soft shoe instruction. 
Class Attire
  • Level D (Purple) - Crossroads Shirt (Purchase through GTM Team Store)
  • Black Shorts (or Crossroads Shorts)
  • Poodle socks 
  • Ghillies (girls) or Reel Shoes (boys)

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