Did You Know"Crossroads" Is Part Of Irish History and Culture? 

 The Origin Of "Crossroads"
The name "Crossroads" has Irish culture significance in that it originated where dancers in Ireland would "meet at the Crossroads" on Sunday afternoons to enjoy dancing, music, food and festivities. Villagers would come dressed in their Sunday best to enjoy time with friends and families. 

This is also where we see traces of why females in Irish dance where curly wigs as the ladies would come dressed in their finest including curling their hair. 

Dancing at the crossroads was a young people's opportunity to meet and enjoy themselves on mild summer evenings in the countryside in Ireland until this practice was banned by law, the Public Dance Halls Act in 1935, which restricted all dancing to licensed establishments.

Now a key metaphor in Irish cultural and political life, "dancing at the crossroads" serves as the proud origin of where our name Crossroads Irish Dance is built upon. We are proud to have such a pinnacle piece of Irish culture part of our school's name.

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