Intro to Irish Dance
(Age 6 to 12 years)

Crossroads offers an energetic environment with inspiring instruction that gives dancers the opportunity to have fun and develop a love of Irish dance, music and culture. Our school has a professional, certified staff that places an emphasis of a close working partnership between student and teacher.

Whether in pursuit of becoming an Open Champion dancer or enjoying the fun and physical benefits of Irish dance, our students enjoy the highest quality classes in a warm and nurturing environment.

 About Intro To Irish Dance For Kids

  • Our Intro to Irish dance class is perfect for kids ages 6 to 12 years who are new to Irish dance.
  • Our school has a structured 6-level curriculum where dancers journey through the 4 provinces of Ireland with our Crossroad Passbook program.
  • Through each province they are introduced to new skill sets, steps, music, Gaelic speaking, learning culture and about their Ireland province.
  • We feel this structure gives a well-rounded Irish dance education of all things Irish including dance, music and culture. 
 What Will My Dancer Learn?
  • Our Intro Class focuses on teaching dancers the building blocks of Irish dance. 
  • This class is the 1st step in their Crossroads Journey in the Ireland province of Connacht.
  • Dancers will learn the essential basics of Irish dance including foot placement, balance, coordination, leg/foot 
    strength, toe height and posture. 
  • Teamwork is also an essential focus that is developed in the classroom too. 
  • Dancers will be introduced to counting and speak Gaelic phrases and developing musicality in timing, rhythm and practicing to at traditional Irish tune called Reel. 
  • Dancers will be in soft shoe their first year with the goal of adding hard shoe the following year.
Graduation Day: Dancers receive medal and certificate their last class as their graduate to the next level in the Journey. We do a parent open house that day so families can be a part of this great accomplishment. 
 Community Performance Opportunities
  • All dancers in the school have the opportunity to participate in various community performances throughout the year. 
  • This is excellent opportunity for dancers to apply what they have learned in class, dress in costume, enjoy the festivities AND build team comradery with other dancers in the school.  
  • We perform in a variety events throughout the year including Midlothian Day Parade, Richmond Christmas Parade, Patty Palooza, Churchill Irish Festival and more. 
 Spring Showcase Performance

  • At the end of the dance year we produce a Spring Showcase, which is wonderful, high energy event that concludes our dance year. 
  • Dancers are given the opportunity to showcase all they have learned to their family and friends. 
  • Each year we perform a musical production as part of Act 2 of our show. Dancers have the opportunity to not only display their Irish dance skills, but also play a character and do a little acting. 
  • Some of our past productions have included: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. 
 Irish Dance Competitions
  • As members of the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA), dancers have the opportunity to participate in Irish dance competitions or Feis. 
  • This is completely optional and dancers can start at anytime in their dance journey. 
  • Some dancers thorough enjoy the competitive nature of dance and this gives them a great forum to apply skills and steps they have learned in class in front of an adjudicator.  It is also an opportunity to meet other Irish dancers from all over the U.S and even the world. 
  • Learn more about Competitions in Irish Dance HERE

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