Annabelle Bugay

Annabelle Bugay

Instructor/Customer Experience Rep


3 Phrases to Describe My Dance Background

  1. Approachable, Spontaneous, and Passionate. 
  2. As a teacher, I value being approachable and kind to students. 
  3. As a performer, I love living in the moment, connecting to the music, and being able to think of new steps on my feet. As a person, I invest myself into everything that I do — whether that is teaching, performing, or just being a friend. 

Crossroads Role

Education Team- Instructor
Client Experience Team- Customer Experience Rep 

Fun Facts About Me

I’m originally from Richmond, but I’ve lived in five different countries! 

My Favorite Quote

“The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those who sang best.” – Henry Van Dyke

When Not At Crossroads

You can find me behind a piano!