Caroline Dewald

Caroline DeWald

Instructor/Adult Ceili Director


3 Phrases to Describe My Dance Background

  1. I have a unique and diverse Irish dance background spanning Feis (competition) experience with multiple organizations as well as performance experience. 
  2. I have extensive competition experience, but I also believe strongly that competition comes second to passion, fun, enthusiasm and a love for Irish dance.
  3. I was the Nationals Champion winner in 2014. 

Crossroads Role

Education Team- Instructor
Speciality Team- Feis Director

Fun Facts About Me

I’m engaged and excited to get married this October.

My Favorite Quote

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention.Be astonished. Tell about it”- Mary Oliver

When Not At Crossroads

I am teaching English 10 and AP Literature at Open High School, reading a good book with a cup of coffee or spending time with my fiancé and our cat, Bear.