Caroline Dewald

Caroline DeWald

Instructor/Adult Ceili Director


3 Phrases to Describe My Dance Background

  1. I have a unique and diverse Irish dance background spanning Feis (competition) experience with multiple organizations as well as performance experience. 
  2. I have extensive competition experience, but I also believe strongly that competition comes second to passion, fun, enthusiasm and a love for Irish dance.
  3. I was the Nationals Champion winner in 2014. 

Crossroads Role

Educator and Feis Director

Fun Facts About Me

I’m engaged and excited to get married this October.

My Favorite Quote

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention.Be astonished. Tell about it”- Mary Oliver

When Not At Crossroads

I am teaching English 10 and AP Literature at Open High School, reading a good book with a cup of coffee or spending time with my fiancé and our cat, Bear.