Katie Tomney

Katie Tomney

Instructor/Customer Experience Rep


3 Phrases to Describe My Dance Background

  1. Interned at large dance institutions such as the American College Dance Association regional conference.
  2. Graduated with a Bachelors in Dance with an emphasis on performance, technique, choreography, dance, science, and dance management.
  3. Former Irish dancer now turned Professional Commercial Dancer.

Crossroads Role

Education Team- Instructor
Client Experience Team- Customer Experience Rep 

Fun Facts About Me

I am an all out Disney fanatic! My dream is to one day move to Orlando in the hopes that I may dance in their parks.

My Favorite Quote

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about  learning to dance in the rain.”

When Not At Crossroads

You can find me busy taking dance classes of my own. Once a dancer, always a dancer.. the journey

and the work never stops.