Patricia Ligon

Lead Educator/Performance Group Director


Fun Facts About Me

I was in two Civil War Period movies, one of which starred Virginia Madesen (“Dune”) and Alex Hyde-White (“Indiana Joens and the Last Crusade”). I was a dancer in the movie an made my own costumes, as Civil War reenacting is the hobby that taught me how to sew.

My Favorite Quote

“We are all the sum of experiences, some have just added more to the total than others”

When I Am Not At Crossroads

I am the manager of the Application Development team at the Virginia Retirement System, working on the primary line of business application and customer-facing portal for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I also serve at my church as a pianist, flutist, song leader, and soloist.

My Favorite Spring Showcase

Undoubtedly, Peter Pan, in which I got to terrorize my own crew, kidnap Tiger Lily, and sword fight with Peter as Captain Hook.