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Let Us Make Your Child’s Birthday The Best!

Looking for a place to have your child’s next birthday party that is different and fun?

Let us take the stress out of birthday parties with our awesome party packages! Our goal is to make this stress-free for you as the parent, so you can focus on enjoying the experience and building memories with your child.

Our themed parties are designed for families to celebrate their child through dancing, play, and fun. We pride ourselves on being able to create a party that is as unique and special as your child.  Our Event Coordinator will personally work with you to create a birthday party that will create precious memories for your child.

From our CEO/Creative Director– “As a parent myself, I love giving my daughter the best birthday ever and building those memories. However, I also know the stress and work to make that day as special as possible when I choose to do it myself.  At the end of the party, I realized I missed out on really being in the moment. Can you relate?

At Crossroads, my team and I have worked together to provide the ultimate birthday party experience with both the parent and child in mind. I know I want nothing more than to create the most special and memorable moment for my child and want to give that experience back to other parents and kids in our community. ~Ms. Amy CEO/Creative Director~

Choose Your Party Theme

Choose from a variety of specialized themes for your birthday child. Your party includes a 30-minute dance class PLUS a craft activity.  Although we have pre-selected themes with party plans, there is also an option to upgrade to a Custom Birthday for your child!

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