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Crossroads’ Spring Showcase is the highlight of our season! Our show is not like your typical dance recital. It is a huge production, and we put a lot of creative efforts into the show each year to make it the best it can be. We love our show and our goal is to make every dancer feel extra special! It is a very important and exciting event for all our dancers and the event we love the most! WE CAN’T WAIT FOR OUR FUN BIG SHOW!

Saturday, June 8th

Perkinson Center for the Arts and Education (1:00pm & 5:00pm)

👩🏼🐰🎩🍄😸🐛♥️⏰🫖🍰🌸🎨🌼🦋🐹💖🦤🌳🌹💦 🦩☕️🍾📘✨🪞♠️🗝🌀🎂🍄👯‍♂️🌈♦️♣️♥️♠️

No more 🌀NONSENSE🌀, it’s time to spill the 🍵TEA🍵!
We are 🎩MAD🎩 with excitement to satisfy your 🤔CURIOSITY🤔!

This 🗝️ADVENTURE🗝️ we’re planning will be MAGICAL💫and 🌀GRAND🌀As Crossroads Irish Dance Presents…

🐰🍄👩🏼🫖🗝🎩🌀🐛♥️ 🦩📘

Don’t be ⏰LATE⏰ for this 🐰VERY IMPORTANT DATE!🐰
23 Years of Crossroads we will soon celebrate! 🥳🥳🥳

The past 23 years have 🦋flown🦋 by it seems,
But it’s definitely been a 🤩WONDERFUL, 👩🏼 CURIOUS 💖 DREAM🌈!

Through the Crossroads’ 🔍LOOKING GLASS🔍, it’s been 😱TWO DECADES + THREE 😱of FUN! 🎉
Follow us down the 🐰🌀RABBIT HOLE🐰🌀 ~ it’s only just begun! 📘

Soon, you’ll🍵 be grinning like the 💜💗😻CHESHIRE CAT😻💜💗in the dark,
And facing the loyal ♠️♥️CARD SOLDIERS♦️♣️of the evil 👸🏻♥️QUEEN OF HEARTS!♥️👸🏻

We’ll see the 👯‍♂️TWEEDLES👯‍♂️ in the FUNderland of the 🌳TULGEY WOOD🌳
And meet the 🐛CATERPILLAR🐛 and the DODO ~ it’s sure to be good!

Of course, we’ll follow the 🐇RABBIT🐇 to a 🍵TEA PARTY🎂 that’s 😵‍💫MAD!😵‍💫
Filled with 🌈WONDER & MAGIC🌈, there’s so much 🤩FUN🤩 to be had!

So 🔓UNLOCK🔓 the door, the 🗝️KEY🗝️ is always FUN!🎀
We hope this 💖WONDERFUL ADVENTURE💖will never be done!

We can’t wait to celebrate the 23 years we have spanned
Through the 🌀aMAZEing🌀 Looking Glass at 🍄CROSSROADS IN WONDERLAND🍄

There is a place, like no place on earth.
Some say to survive it, you need to be MAD AS A HATTER…
Which luckily…WE ARE!