1st In Richmond To Offer This Fun and Inspirational Program to Ages 2-5. 

Join Bridget and Rory On Exciting Adventure Into The World of Creative Irish Dance!    
The Fun Of Dance With An Irish Twist
About Jump'N Jig 

  • Jump'N Jig is an accredited/licensed program for dancers ages 2-5 years old.
  • The program is designed specifically to preschoolers in developing coordination, self-esteem & social skills through dance, music and play.
  • The program is a wonderful introduction to Irish Dance for children as they start their Irish dance journey. 
Your Little One Will:
 1) Learn and understand how to participate in a dance class environment.
 2) Develop gross motor skills and sense of musicality that will help them be the best Irish dance they can be.
 3) Fun! Lots of Fun!
The Program Structure 
The program is divided into three levels to ensure classes can be modified for children of different ages and gross motor skills development.

- Each level has its own structure curriculum, music and milestones allowing children to develop at a pace that best fits them. 

- Dance to Irish music and music just for kids that works on developing rhythm listening skills and gross motor skill development and FUN!

- Props are utilized in class to enhance the fun and skills. Dancers enjoy the fun and excitement of dance, BUT with an Irish twist.

 Levels Of Jump'N Jig

Dancers age 2
- Dancers turning 2 within 1 mo of starting classes may register

Dancers Ages 3-4 yrs
- Dancers turning 4 within 1 mo of starting classes register for Mini Jig
Dancers Ages 4-5 yrs 
- Dancers turning 6 within 3 months of starting classes register for our Intro to Kids class.
How Schedule Is Structured
- Jump'N Jig follows a 3 Semester-10 week achievement curriculum.

- Registration is done by semester
OR families can register for full 3 semesters to receive a 10% discount.

- Families who register for 1 semester and then choose to continue to next semester will receive 5% off next semester proceeding.

- Semesters are cumulative and progressive so we encourage participation in all 3 semester if possible.

-  We do understand children at this age may have many interests, so we offer the option to register by semester..

- Jump'N Jig dancers have opportunity to participate in community events held during the semester.

- This gives them chance to meet our Leveled dancers and show their love for Jump'N Jig to the community. 

- Dancers who sign up for ALL 3 semesters can participate in our Spring Showcase too!

 - A special moment is reserved at our Spring Showcase for graduation recognition with parents/guardians with their Jump'N Jig dancers who are graduating to the next level. 

- We consider a child "graduated" to next Jump'N Jig level when they have completed a full 3 semester program.
Jump'N Jig Is the Perfect Choice For Your Little One!

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Join Bridget and Rory On Exciting Adventure 
Into The World of Creative Irish Dance!
Join Bridget and Rory On Exciting Adventure 
Into The World of Creative Irish Dance!

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