Jump, Jig and Play The Irish Way!

"After coming home from class this weekend, my daughter wanted to practice her kicks and had been tip toeing around the house. She is rather shy and I know it's early, but this is the most engaged she has been with an activity in awhile, This means so much to us, thanks to you and your team".

~Michael,- Tiny Jig Parent~ 
"Jump'N Jig is the best activity my daughter has done. She has been enrolled since summer and is still engaged. She always wants to show me her "good toes" and Irish skips, She LOVES the Teddy Bear song. Even her teachers at school say she has become more confident and focused. Thank you all for provided such a positive experience for my child."

~Sarah, Baby Jig Parent~
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 About Jump'N Jig
Jump'N Jig is a a licensed, Irish dance program for preschoolers from ages 18 mos to 5 years old. This preschool program focused on developing coordination, self-esteem and social skills through dance, music and play. This program is 1st in Richmond and has become a popular for little ones to have fun while learning and building development milestones.

Classes provided the fundamental basics of Irish Dance through the use of popular nursery rhymes, Irish music, props, color and plenty of fun.

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