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Be A 2024 Spring Showcase Sponsor

As we gear up for our highly anticipated Spring Showcase, we’re excited to extend a special opportunity to you: become a sponsor for this unforgettable event! Whether you’re a business owner yourself or know someone who would be a perfect fit, sponsoring our showcase is a fantastic way to support our dance community while promoting your business to a wide audience.

Our goal for our sponsorship is to showcase the importance of community and collaboration. Our highly anticipated Spring Showcase will accommodate over 700 people and 2K+ online community visibility.

Why should you consider sponsoring us?

  1. Community Impact: By sponsoring our Spring Showcase, you’re not just supporting our dancers—you’re investing in the vibrant community that makes Crossroads Irish Dance so special. Your contribution helps us continue to foster friendships, build confidence, and promote wellness through dance.
  2. Brand Visibility: With an anticipated attendance of 700 people and over 2,000 online community members, our showcase offers unparalleled exposure for your business. From logo placement to shoutouts during the event, sponsoring us gives your brand visibility to a diverse and engaged audience.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow dance parents, local businesses, and members of our extended community through sponsorship. It’s a chance to forge new relationships, collaborate on exciting projects, and strengthen your ties within the community.
  4. Showcase Your Business: Whether you’re looking to promote a new product, raise brand awareness, or simply give back to the community, sponsoring our showcase provides a platform to showcase your business in a positive and impactful way.

Choose Your Sponsorship Level

We offer a variety of sponsorship packages to suit every budget and marketing objective. From prominent logo placement to exclusive promotional opportunities, there’s a sponsorship package that’s right for you.

Join us in showcasing the importance of community and collaboration by becoming a sponsor for our Spring Showcase. Together, we can make this event truly unforgettable and continue to spread the joy of dance to all.