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Safe and Better Together!

Crossroads Staff is committed to providing a safe and healthy space for all our dancers, families, staff, and guests during this pandemic. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure the cleanliness of our facility and procedures while classes are in session with social distancing, arrival/dismissal, and more.

We appreciate all those entering our facility supporting us in our efforts to uphold this commitment to ensure our dancers continue to have a place to dance and put a smile on their faces.

All patrons entering our studio need to review our COVID protocols and complete any necessary waivers or information prior to entering.

Our COVID Procedures

Health Assessment

Please DO NOT Complete More Than 1 Hour Before Entering!

Anyone entering the building will be required to complete an assessment. Temperature checks will also be conducted upon arrival and before entering.

COVID Waiver of Liability

Anyone guest entering the building MUST complete our COVID Waiver of Liability. (Does not need to be completed by current families as we have one for you one file)

This only needs to be completed ONE TIME for the staff/dancer which will go on file for them.


We have implemented a detailed procedure in the event a decision needs to be made due to COVID exposure or position test. All families or any guest that possibly has been in contact with someone positive for COVID or tested positive needs to notify users immediately.

We will refer to our decision protocol tree in making all necessary decisions for the proper health and safety of our dancers upon notification.

Click link below to reviewer our COVID Decision Protocol Tree.