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Our Season 1 ends May 8th…..but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! We are very EXCITED to be starting our Spring/Summer session starting May 9th and preparing for our exclusive Showcase.

We are committed to your dancer staying connected to their dance family and friends and continue to build on the skills and development they have worked so hard for this year.

Be sure to join in on the fun with us as your child continues the joy and smiles with us.


Spring/Summer Session

We are offering an exclusive Spring and Summer session packed full of classes and camps perfect for your dacner. We have so many experiences and surprises in store. Get ready for an amazing adventure!

Discounted pricing ends 5/15, so be sure to grab your promo deal today!

2021 Showcase

How would you feel about your dancer being a part of our exclusive Showcase?

If you haven’t signed up you are not too late!

This event is the highlight of our school and a great celebration for all our dancers to showcase their hard work, talents, smiles, determination and fun with their dance friends.

Just imagine your dancer on stage in a great costume, dancing, smiling and having a jiggin good time with their friends. Also, the opportunity to dance with our main cast and meet our senior level dancers.

Your dancer can join today and be a part of our Act 2 production of supercalifragiliCROSSROADS, which is a parody of Mary Poppins.

Guess what….we will be having some special touches as part of our 20th celebration including a surprise opening act too.