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Spring/Summer Session

We are offering an exclusive Spring and Summer session packed full of classes and camps perfect for your Jumper. We have so many experiences and surprises in store. Get ready for an amazing adventure!

Discounted pricing ends 5/15, so be sure to grab your promo deal today!

2021 Showcase- SupercalifragiliCROSSROADS

How would you feel about your dancer being a part of our 2021 Showcase?

If you haven’t signed up you are not too late!

Our Showcase offers our students a professionally directed performance for them to showcase their hard work, dedication, and progress.  It is our desire to give the students an opportunity to experience the enchantment of the ultimate performance experience. 
Why Our Showcase?

Performance opportunities can contribute to student’s success in non-dance activities as well as, for those looking for a possible career in performance dance.

That onstage experience can result in better public speaking and presentations, improved social skills and confidence, and strong interview skills for college or job opportunities.